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For over two decades, Devin Grace, MA has assisted thousands of people around the world to create profound change in their personal, relational, and business lives. As an advisor, healer, and teacher, her sharp mind, deep focus, and extraordinary psychic abilities cut to the chase, so immediate healing can begin. With advanced degrees in psychology and business, a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, and years of learning from some of the greatest teachers and healers in the world, Devin is extremely versatile and dexterous in her work. She is profoundly human, while also being able to see through all our mortal frailties, holds us in compassion, and points us to our greatest selves.



Spirit Release and Clinical Depossession Trainings For Medical, Dental, Psychological Professional Practitioners and Experienced Healers

During the months of July, August and September 2013 Devin is holding private 2-day Spirit Release and Depossession trainings in California and Hawaii. To find out more about Devin's trainings please email Paula with your inquiries.



My dear clients and students, words can hardly express my deep and endless gratitude to all of you. For many years you have allowed me into your inner worlds – into your homes, your most treasured relationships, your deepest and darkest places. You have trusted me with you lives – I cannot imagine a more honorable gift to be bestowed on another human being. Please know that I am so truly honored to receive this gift from you. You have all been my teachers, my guides. Your hard work, your dedication to truth, proved to me that miracles happen, every day, every moment....

I'm still feeling the empowerment from our session.
* * * *
Thank you, Dev. Your kindly devoted heart is a rare treasure and should be an inspiration to all.
* * * *
I am just so grateful; I feel that these sessions really helped save my life.
* * * *
Thank you for your tender and sweet guidance and healing. I am so grateful.
* * * *
Thank you, Dev. Your kindly devoted heart is a rare treasure and should be an inspiration to all.
* * * *
I'm amazed by what I've been experiencing and shifting since our session.
* * * *
Things have been falling like dominos since our session... it is fantastic!
* * * *

All communication and sessions with Devin Grace are not in any way a substitute for psychological or medical assistance.
If you have mental, emotional or physical problems of any kind you should immediately seek the assistance of a medical doctor and/or a professional therapist.

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