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"We all have these gifts of knowing; I am not special in this sense – it is only that I have committed this lifetime to this particular work and to developing these gifts more fully. As you heal, these gifts of 'knowing' will become more and more available to you as well, so much so that you may no longer seek an outside source of communication because one day you will wake up and realize that you are your own master and healer and that you have a direct line of communication to the one Source."

-- Devin

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Devin Grace inspires and guides her clients to take the leap into true honesty, so they can live their lives more fully. With her No-Nonsense Healing™ approach, Devin assists you – her clients and students – to recognize that blocks and bumps on the journey are nudging you, reminding you that it is time to get honest with where you really are so you can recognize the truth of who you are. What we are honest about in our lives - early childhood memories, past life mememories, recognition of attachments - has nothing to do with the truth of who we are in our Spirits. It is just a process of uncovering the layers and layers of lies of who we think we are to arrive at the truth of ourselves.

For the past 25 years, since the early age of 17, Devin’s life has been committed to healing and remembering. She has studied and healed alongside many spiritual and intuitive masters, working as a Psychic Advisor, Healer, and Teacher. She pursued studies in traditional and not-so-traditional modalities, eventually earning advanced degrees in Business and Psychology from Boston University, and a Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Spiritual Studies. She is an award-winning spiritual screenwriter and published author, a certified Depossessionist and Past Life Regression Therapist. Devin serves and is served through her work as the Founder and Lead Practitioner of The No-Nonsense Healing Method™.

Over 95% of Devin’s work is done via phone sessions, offering the opportunity to serve clients in many countries around the world at all times. She is a native New Yorker, but currently has locations in New York, Vail, Los Angeles, and Maui.

“I am Clairvoyant (clear seeing), Clairsentient (clear feeling), and Clairaudient (clear hearing). I see, feel, and hear messages from your Highest Self – the part that is intimately familiar with you, your life, your lessons. Your guides and I work together as one unit assisting you in your evolution. Your guides are not bearded men wearing white robes and bowing every 3 seconds saying ‘namaste’; they are alive spirits that are playful, wise, direct, loving, clear and All-Knowing. You and I do not determine your readiness for these sessions - your Higher Self does, so trust your Self as it directs you. When you are ready, you will be clearly guided as to whom to heal with, how, and when.” - Devin

I am having fun with it... and I've immediately I started to breathe better... amazing!
* * * *
Thank you for the last session, I can feel a bit of a shift and it feels gooooooood.
* * * *
Thank you dear one for helping me along this winding road!
* * * *
Thank you for all your skill, compassion, and assistance the other morning.
* * * *
Every moment since our session has been transformative, truly.
* * * *
That session cleared out so much blocked energy for me- I feel so much more self-confident!
* * * *
You are a miracle to me, you are who answers my prayers here, you are what they send me.
* * * *

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