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Devin takes your life situation very seriously; she understands that every session, whether it be your first or your fiftieth, is the most important session of your life. More than a thousand clients around the world have sent Devin messages of gratitude – unsolicited testimonials for the effectiveness of her No-Nonsense Healing Method. Miracles happen as Devin deftly identifies and clears long held beliefs and memories with clients reporting that a kind of “psychic surgery” takes place in their bodies and minds. Working with Devin is a bit like deep tissue massage: you know she’s going to lean into your pain points, and it may hurt while she’s working, but when she’s done, the pain is gone, and you’re so glad she’s worked on you.

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Psychic Advising and Healing

Devin Grace has been a psychic advisor and healer for over two decades. With each year that goes by her psychic and healing abilities become more acute and advanced. While in a session, the client and the work are her only focus – so much so that many people have told her they feel as if they are her only client. She does not waste time with small talk; however, she finds plenty of opportunities for a good laugh and a touch of humor.

During an In-Depth Psychic Advising session, hidden memories, thought systems and blocked energies are exposed and released- there’s no “getting away with” anything in these sessions. If you are ready to make significant, lasting change in your life, and have a clearer, more powerful relationship with yourself, this is where you will want to begin your healing work with Devin.

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Every moment since our session has been transformative, truly.
* * * *
Hi Devin! Thanks for supporting me on to a higher path!
* * * *
Devin Grace is fearless, I would not want to go where she is willing to go.
* * * *
Thank you for such a great week and all your work on me- it is just always so amazing.
* * * *
My beloved and I have found a kind of new love since we spoke to you.
* * * *
Devin, that was amazing- You cannot believe how free I feel after our session- The trauma has lifted.
* * * *
Thank you for the last session, I can feel a bit of a shift and it feels gooooooood.
* * * *

All communication and sessions with Devin Grace are not in any way a substitute for psychological or medical assistance.
If you have mental, emotional or physical problems of any kind you should immediately seek the assistance of a medical doctor and/or a professional therapist.

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