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Spirit release is one of Devin Grace’s most beloved treatments, because she is not only helping her clients, but also helping spirits that are stuck in this plane. Many spirits fail to cross over to the next stage of their evolution at the time of their human deaths; instead, they attach to people here on Earth, afraid to let go and make the journey into the light. Devin has very beautiful skills to work with these spirits, and has assisted every attached spirit she has encountered in her sessions to make its transition. Having a spirit attached to you, your home, or a loved one, is not a catastrophe or something to be ashamed of, it is simply an issue that you need help solving. These attached spirits don’t belong here – they are stuck, and like it or not, you are stuck with them until they are assisted to let go, and are guided home. You who are seeking Spirit Releasement and Depossession are part of the process -- without you these spirits would have not been able to reach Devin, and the amount of gratitude they have cannot be expressed. It is time for you to be free. It is time for them to go home. If you’ve been guided to Devin, it’s “Time to Release”.
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• Having a spirit attached to you, or your home or a loved one is not a catastrophe or something to be ashamed of, it is simply an issue that you need help solving.

• Life after death cannot be scientifically proven, however there are millions of detailed accounts by normal everyday people that there is a spirit world, there is no hell, and that we are all evolving.

• Spirit release work may lead to the release of many psychological and psychosomatic symptoms.

• Attachments happen because many spirits resist entering the spirit world because they have addictions they want fed, they don't want to leave a loved one, or they are extremely disoriented at the time of death. They may even feel shame about entering the world of spirit because of what they have done while living in their body, so when it is time to pass over, they reject it out of shame even though all is 100% forgiven in the world of light.

• Complete spirit possession is very, very rare. More often the attached spirit is dominant at times, in which case you will see personality changes.

• There is usually more than one attachment. Again, the quantity or number doesn't matter, only knowing they can be cleared and prevented is what matters.

• It is very common for the spirit of a miscarriage or abortion experience to attach to the mother, often leaving the human drained of energy.

• Spirit attachments do not benefit by your education, development, or growth. This may be why you often find yourself at a dead end saying "I have tried everything!"

• The goal of Spirit Release Therapy and Depossession is to help the spirit home and subsequently help the client free themselves to be fully themselves.

• Proving that possession and earthbound spirits exist is not my job; rather, assisting people in their healing and evolution is my job, and Spirit Release Therapy works!

• The spirits that we are now calling "attachments" were once people just like me and you, the only difference is that they are no longer in a body and they do not belong on the earth plane; they have somewhat stranded themselves here and need help getting home.

• Spirit attachment and possession is like having a squatter in your home, and you need the help of a professional to get them out.

• Depossession is NOT a substitution for medical and psychological care, always get professional treatment and support first. Always seek professional medical and/or psychological treatment before any other therapy or treatment.

• It doesn't matter why the spirit chose to stay around and not go forward in their evolution, eventually they realize that "trying" to live through another person is extremely frustrating and lonely, and they want to go home.

• Many attachments attach to children -they are the most vulnerable. In this situation, by adulthood they have many more attachments because the original attachment made them weaker and more vulnerable to other attachments.

• Spirit attachment and possession = addiction, addiction, addiction, addiction!

• In Spirit Release Regression we go to the exact moment the spirit joined you, so you can see where you were vulnerable.

• Spirit attachments and possessors don't care about the havoc they create in your life. If they want drinks and drugs, they don't care how that affects your loved ones, your job, or your finances - they only want their needs met. They don't have to deal with the consequence- You do!

• Possession, spirit attachments, and ghosts, as of yet, have not been scientifically proven to exist. Spirit Release and Depossession STILL works.

• Spirits can stay earthbound for many years, sometimes centuries. They only leave when they become aware of their condition; that is why this work is so important.

• If a loved one dies it is important to encourage them to go into the light world and to continue their evolution - we all benefit when this natural process occurs - it is unnatural for spirits to stay earthbound. We must encourage their evolution, even if it hurts to let go.

• According to my studies and all of my clients' endless details of the afterlife, there is no hell. All report forgiveness, learning, and lots of love!

• You do not have to believe in depossession for it to work.

• Possession is the same as anything else that you have to deal with in your life lessons; you become aware of it when you are ready to clear it. It is no different than having to stop an addiction or end a poor relationship; when you know something isn't for your highest good anymore, it is time to clear it.

• Earthbound sprits often have their own attachments. When a possession is treated properly, not only the spirit attached to the human goes to the light, but all of their attachments go as well.

• Some people pick up attachments very easily.

• ALL spirits want to evolve and return home, they may just need a little assistance.

• Almost all, if not all, alcohol and drug users are possessed, leaving themselves and their children more vulnerable to other spirits that sense the weakness and are looking for a host.

• Many people who die and are about to enter the spirit world are enticed back by a grieving lover, mother, father, friend, begging "please don't leave me". It is very important that no matter how horrible your grief, you let that spirit go. It is the most loving thing you can do at the moment of death. Allow yourself to have your grief 100%, but do not ask the spirit to stay with you.

• Any experience that creates a moment of "unconsciousness" open the door to spirit attachments, such as accidents, hospital stays, concussions, etc.

• Never invite spirits into your life, it may be difficult to get them to leave!

How to protect yourself from future spirits attachments and possession:

• Play your "Spirit Release Anytime, Anywhere" CD often, play it in your home, office, bedroom…

• Use the 1 minute light meditation below any time you are around heavy drinking or any kind of drug use, before entering a hospital (even for childbirth or to get blood drawn), funeral parlor, cemetery, bar and before going into surgery of any kind:

Shut your eyes, breathe in and out deeply, as you breathe in imagine little particles of bright white healing light entering into your body and filing up every cell in your body and then imagine this same white light extending 2 feet around you, vibrating and pulsing with love, and anything or anyone that touches it is touched by the healing energy of love immediately.

You are a miracle to me, you are who answers my prayers here, you are what they send me.
* * * *
Every moment since our session has been transformative, truly.
* * * *
Thank you so much for being available to help us work out our issues.
* * * *
Thanks for the session today. You had lots of useful insights, as always.
* * * *
I loved hearing your truth; your message was great!!!!
* * * *
Thank you for being wonderful you. You are amazing and I am so grateful that I know you!
* * * *
I found everything with you to be quite enriching and inspiring.
* * * *
I think you must have a large cauldron where you steep visions...
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