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My dear clients and students, words can hardly express my deep and endless gratitude to all of you. For many years you have allowed me into your inner worlds – into your homes and most treasured relationships, your deepest and darkest places. You have trusted me with your lives – I cannot imagine a more honorable gift to be bestowed on another human being. Please know that I am so truly honored to receive this gift from you. You have all been my teachers, my guides. Your hard work and dedication to truth prove to me that miracles happen every day, every moment.... You have shown me the truth of who we all are, and that at our core we are so deeply innocent and precious. For this I will be forever, forever grateful. Your secrets, your pain, your adulteries, your stealing, your cheating, your abuses, and even your murders, have never once changed who I have always seen you as: a true reflection of the Love from which you came. And the humor, the laughter, oh, the laughter, the times when we have almost all fallen off our chairs… to laugh in the face of your deepest fears has shown me that our spirits are indestructible and that humor and laughter are so important in this healing process.

This is my testimonial to you…

You are brave, brave warriors, exposing, witnessing and releasing all that has haunted you for years, and sometimes even for lifetimes. I am honored to be beside you as you reclaim the memory of who you really are without all of that baggage. You amaze with your honesty, your fearlessness, your accountability and your commitment. Thank you for the work you do in your sessions – you are the truest teachers and healers among us.

More "Testimonials" below...

My clients share their experiences . . .
I am still speechless after my session over the weekend!
My session with Devin was more than I ever expected. I've been a bit of a skeptic about readings in the past, but this has changed my mind completely. The messages that were revealed about me and my family were absolutely "right on".
I found myself welling up with tears to have been "seen" in a matter of minutes. Thank you.
Devin got me through one of the most difficult periods in my life. I now have a trust and confidence in myself that I never had before.
Devin, Thank you so much for what you do. I have had a few readings throughout my life, and by far yours was the BEST. I don't know how you nail it, but you do. You blew me away with some of the things you shared the first time we met, I had no clue that our meeting was going to go there.
Dear Devin, Thank you for sharing with me what you saw in my younger son, you were dead on...
Devin Grace - such a blessing to me. I thank you, thank you, thank you, so many treasures in this session - but of course. Much love to you - and mounds of gratitude."
Devin Grace is the kind of life coach who can see clearly to the bottom of your soul and share with you the truth of your self. My very first intuitive reading with Devin was powerful. Our conversation began by touching on many seemingly unrelated things. Over the course of our session together, Devin was able to see a remarkably obvious connection amongst my questioning. It was, in fact, the subconscious root of my troubles. She helped me to gain brand new perspective and guidance for the progress of my inner growth.
Devin, your guidance and insight are invaluable. With your teachings I am now present to the path I have in life, and I have the courage to be still in this path and not resist it. Your words are that of strength and clarity. To be in your presence is to be presence of peace and love.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, for sharing your light and your gifts with me! I feel so blessed!
Hi Devin, I wanted to thank you so much for everything you've done. I am doing very well. knew it all along!
Hello, dear Devin, MY, what an astonishing experience! My heart was leaping and dancing and singing and celebrating the levels of release and freedom you fostered!
You have a gift of sight! It's incredible and I appreciate your open sharing spirit. Your perspective has broadened my own, especially of myself! Love, life and blessings to you!
Thank you so much for everything Devin. You are such an amazing presence!
A single session with Devin is like ten therapy sessions, a romp at the playground, and reconnecting with an old friend. Such a gift to give myself.
Working with Devin is a sheer delight! I find her to be highly intuitively accurate and extremely practical. I am able to get off the phone and immediately take action on what I had been "stuck" about just an hour before.
I found an immediate shift through your insights, and today find myself able to make an easy decision - a solution to a complex 'problem' The re-focusing leaves me feeling sweetly empowered to NOT do the things I felt I must, opening me instead to the wisdom and direction which will come to me naturally.
I am so happy that you came into my life, and I want to Thank You. I think that through a reading the direction and calm one can get is by far better than psychotherapy.
Devin is so light in her approach and we laugh all the way to "enlightenment".
My favorite part about Devin is how unpretentious she is through all of this intense work - always letting humor and laughter flow freely.
Aloha Devin - and a huge "mahalo" from both of us! I'll let my husband write his own thing, but for myself, I was surprised at how quickly and easily we were able to relate, and how deep (with no resistance) we were able to go in so short a time. Lots of things you said echoed a "yes"inside me, especially when it came to my son's health issues. Of course on a core level we know all this stuff, but having you there to remind us was a huge, huge help. Like a teacher, we all need that magic "someone else" to "take charge" every so often.
Devin sees the bigger picture, and communicates it to me through the here and now from my own life - truly unparalleled.
I'm going to have bumper stickers made up that read: THANK GOD FOR (Devin in) HANA. I think our session on Sunday may have saved me years of anguish. Thank you!
Devin is one of those extraordinary people who radiates pure love. Her psychic consultation work with clients is heart centered, precise and powerful. I witnessed veils of denial and fear being lifted as she transmitted her divinely guided messages to my radio show callers. She is truly an ambassador of the angels.
It was great working with you. I couldn't believe the amount of issues we covered in such a short time. I found the session very affirming and enlightening. I feel lighter, as if some burdens have been lifted, and hopeful for the future. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift! May you have a loving and joyful Holiday Season.

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